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Josh Freeman, MA, LPC

In order for therapy to work most efficiently, the therapy room must be a safe place where clients experience the freedom and opportunity to be themselves. We often feel we must wear a mask, ignore or deny our feelings, or pretend to feel differently than we actually do, which can be exhausting. Counseling should operate at a pace set by the client, toward goals valued by the client, in an environment that promotes health and healing.

Because the whole person is affected by adverse conditions, the whole person should be addressed when evaluating goals toward health. This includes considering implications from personal, psychological, spiritual, social, and biological influences. Humans are complex beings and understanding who we are is complex work. However, as clients work through the impact of these various influences they gain an understanding of themselves and become empowered toward achieving change in their lives.

As a therapist, Josh seeks to provide an environment and relationship that assists clients in their search for health. Josh works with teens, adults, and couples in areas of focus that include: anxiety, depression, adjustment concerns, trauma, family issues, relationship issues, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and sex therapy.

Josh earned a B.S. in Government at Berry College and two Masters Degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, one in Counseling and one in Biblical Studies. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University – Commerce, which he hopes to complete in 2018. He moved to Texas with his wife in 2008, and has lived in the Dallas/Richardson area ever since. In addition to his work at the Davis Counseling Center, Josh is the Counseling Director at Dallas LIFE homeless shelter and an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University. This allows continued growth in the content areas he is passionate about, which includes issues of sex and sexuality, cross-cultural and multicultural experiences, and training the next generation of counselors as they develop in the counseling profession. 

TX License# 71361

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